The monthly exozyme magazine.

February 2024

11 Feb, 2024

exozine is back!

June 2023

28 Jun, 2023

Not very many blog posts this month, but we made some interesting websites!

May 2023

06 Jun, 2023

More stuff happened.

April 2023

06 Jun, 2023

Stuff happened.

March 2023

06 Jun, 2023

Here's the March issue of exozine, only 3 months late!

February 2023

06 Jun, 2023

So... exozine was supposed to be a monthly thing, but then I kinda forgot about it... oops. Well, don't worry, here's the February issue, only 4 months late!

January 2023

29 Jan, 2023

Hi! This is the first issue of exozine, a monthly magazine about all the cool stuff that our exozyme community has been doing